Huizhou Jinlongxin Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd.

Our company has been committed to the plastic product packaging industry since its establishment, to provide customers with novel, personalized packaging design requirements, so that customers' products are more attractive than competitors, to help customers increase sales, eliminate growth barriers, so as to obtain more profits.

At present, our company has served CRYSATL,HELLO,NORDIC NATURALS and other famous customers.Products exported to the United States, Europe, South America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other places。

Especially since the outbreak of Covid-19 in the world this year, our huge production capacity and rapid production and delivery have provided a large number of PET SPRAY BOTTLE and PET PUMP BOTTLE to manufacturers of disinfectant and hand sanitizer around the world in a timely way, and we have done our part to win the global Covid-19 prevention and control.

Our products are all in GMP workshop and produced by advanced automatic injection molding machine, blow molding machine and full inspection, our company has ISO and GMP certification, to ensure that your products make customers more assured.

We provide free packaging design, 3D design and brand strategy services, providing one-stop solutions from product design and development, mold, product manufacturing, export packaging, and product export declaration, transportation, etc.