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The difference between all kinds of masks


As the outbreak continues, demand for masks and other anti-epidemic supplies has increased. There are so many kinds of masks, how are they classified and what can they be used for protection?

Classification of masks: Masks can be divided into medical/non-medical categories according to their use. As the name suggests, medical masks are mainly used for medical protection, which can be subdivided into three categories: medical protection, medical surgery and disposable medical treatment.

(1) Medical protective masks: suitable for high-risk environments.

(2) Surgical masks: they are suitable for medical staff to wear when performing low-risk operations and for the general public to wear when visiting medical institutions.

(3) Disposable medical masks: suitable for the public to wear indoors where people are relatively dense.

Non-medical masks, also known as personal protective masks, can be subdivided into particulate protection and daily protection according to their application. Masks of different USES have different technical requirements and application scope.

(1) Anti-particulate respirator: Applicable to industrial places.The specifications are KN9, KN90 and so on.

(2) Daily anti-mask: It is suitable for filtering particles in daily life under air pollution environment.