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Our deodorant stick bottle and container for Colgate using a more environmentally friendly FDA compliant KW PCRPP material


With the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, many materials need to be more environmentally friendly. Our company now develop a Deodorant Stick Bottle and container for Colgate, has adopted more than ordinary PP environmental protection in the United States KW PLASTICS company KWR621 PCRPP material. This material has been the United States FDA testing, can be used in the food and drug packaging, it uses the new material Deodorant Stick Bottle and container packaging deodorants now has a large number of European and American market, and is well received by users, Compared with similar Deodorant Stick Bottle and container, this KW PP deodorant box will be more and more popular among users in the future when people all over the world have higher requirements for environmental protection. We will also continue to develop more environmentally friendly and efficient materials to make Deodorant Stick Bottle and container and Deodorant Cosmetics Container Design for our customers.