About Us

We produce PET Spray Bottle, PET Pump Bottle, Plastic Roll On Bottle, Alcohol Hand Santizer Bottle, Plastic Deodorant Stick Container. We are China Factory-Huizhou Jinlongxin Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd. which produces and customizes bottles

We have a variety of capacities of PET bottles with flip top cap, sprayer and pump , mainly used for a variety of alcohol hand sanitizers, shower gel and other daily care and a variety of cosmetics and other packaging.PE pharmaceutical bottles are used for packing health care products, nutrition, sports supplements, capsules, pills and tablets,etc. PET jars are used for containing different kinds of food, such as candy, cookies, chocolate, nuts, peanut butter and Spices food, etc

The plastic bottles can also be used for a special purpose, such as packing watch, T-shirt, toys, gifts, jewelry, stationery and electronic products.

We provide design and development, mold, product manufacturing, export packaging, and products export customs clearance, transportation and other one-stop solution. Please rest assured to buy with us!

All of our products are manufactured in GMP workshop by advanced automatic injection molding and blow molding machines and are fully inspected to ensure that your products can be packaged without any worries.

Our team of more than 20 designers and mold engineers provide you with everything from idea to 3D design,Prototype,Molding, and packaging product to your satisfaction.

Our company has ISO and GMP certification to ensure that your products are more reassuring to customers.